Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10th, a Special Day

May 10th has long been a special day in eastern NE that was know by "Old Timers" as the time to start planting corn. Just as Good Friday was when you planted potatoes and St. Patrick's day was when Grandma Vrana planted Sweet Peas. My older sister, Vivian and Eddy were married on May 10th and a few years later their son Terry was born on this date. Today was made special by having Jack here with us this morning for a couple hours. Then, Carolyn took us to Lincoln in her  Subaru  SUV for Eye appointments with Doctor Mausolf. Elaine got a good report on her eye pressure as the result of nightly medication. I had the stitches removed from my lower eyelid surgery. The Dr. was pleased with the healing. 
Carolyn did some shopping while we were  occupied at the Opthamologist office. When she dropped us off back at home, she brought out a beautiful "Double Impatients" (Impatients Walleriana) hanging basket, from the back of her vehicle. We have quite a bit of shade round our house and yard, so Impatients have been one of our favorites but this one is special with the double flowers that look like little roses. It makes a beautiful Mother's Day gift for Elaine that will brighten our entryway all summer.

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