Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Pause that Refreshes

Elaine and I had a busy day and had no problem with taking a break out on the deck. This is a "selfie" with the camera setting on top of my Coor's beer can.The picture may have been better with a bigger can but I don't know how I may have looked. I got Elaine down to the Beauty Shop for her early morning "fix" and then took things to the "recycle center".  We went on down to "Dollar General" where we got a few things. Carolyn stopped in for a short visit before we had our naps. She told of putting out plants so we decided to shop for some.
We got Geraniums and Petunias that we planted in the old Black Kettle in front of our house. We also got some Dianthesis which we put in front of the house with others planted last year. We took a couple of them to the back yard planting under our clump Birch. I find that the use of the spade is an entirely different operation than what it was a few years ago. People show their age in various ways and watching an old man use a spade is one of them. I feel my best when relaxing on the deck, admiring Elaine's "hair-fix" and watching the birds.

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