Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Eye Lid Surgery

Dr. Mousolf did out-patient surgery on my left bottom eye lid today at Bryan West Hospital in Lincoln. For years I have pulled my lower eye lids down as Elaine applied eye drops. I may have pulled a little to hard on this left one which was somewhat detached from my nose, etc. The Dr. recommended this repair to prevent future infection. I have the impression that it's not that uncommon. Especially since I was the 3rd one in line to be "worked on" today. Carolyn picked up Elaine and I this morning and was most helpful in helping us through the days' activities. She is so much more "adept" in helping us through all the instructions, preparation, etc. than what we are. Even using "body wipes" to clean me up.
There was a couple hour period when I was taken to surgery when Elaine and Carolyn went to the cafeteria for lunch. The nurses called Carolyn rather frequently to keep them informed of what was happening. There must have been at least 10-12 people involved in my procedure at the Hospital and everyone of them were most consciouses in carrying out their assignment. I had not been able to eat nor drink anything after midnight until after the surgery, so a cold Sprite tasted good even before I got dressed. Lisa took me to the front door to leave, and Carolyn had brought up her vehicle. She even had cookies for me to eat on the way home. After my first of hourly "cold pack" treatment, Elaine fixed me a good lunch.  After a nap and taking an Aleve pain pill, I began to feel a bit better. I really had more pain and discomfort from this surgery than when I had Cataracts removed a couple years ago. I felt a bit like a "Grouchy Old Man" much of the afternoon and evening but really appreciate the care I received.

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  1. It sounds like you are recovering nicely. I thought it was your upper lid - which I had done a few years ago - and yes, it made black eyes like you have too. Sounds like a good idea to have it done to prevent infection. Take care and follow all those instructions! See you in a couple months!