Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stained Glass Church Windows

These stained glass windows have found a home inside the newly "constructed" Evangelical Free Church in Seward. The building was a former WalMart  store and has been "worked over" into a great facility for the Church. The windows came from the local Saint Johns Lutheran Church building that was demolished some 35 years ago. They were purchased at that time by a local antique dealer and put in storage for all these years. When it was determined that they were available, the Concordia University Art Department completely re leaded the windows and stored them until the building was ready for their installation. They are on an inside wall that divides a Library room from the Sanctuary Vestibule. It is an ideal location and lights from the Library illuminate them. (My picture doesn't do them justice). These windows are just one example of how this congregation has converted the old building into a beautiful church facility with a lot of creativity and "sweat equity". They are fortunate in having within their membership many well trained professional people with the varied skills necessary to make this conversion possible. In addition, they all had the passion to make it a success. I think Sam Walton would be proud of them. 

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  1. Beautiful! I remember those stained glass windows very well in the old church downtown!
    We'll definitely have to visit there the next time we come back to Seward!