Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bob Kerrey

This picture of Bob Kerrey was taken during the 4th of July parade here in Seward. We will be voting for him to replace the retiring U.S.Senator Ben Nelson. Kerrey's opposition is State Senator Deb Fischer who won the Republican primary over two well-know other candidates. We even voted for her in the primary since we are registered in that party and she was our preference of the 3.  At about the time she won the primary, she signed the Grover Norquist pledge to never raise taxes.  ( Our congressional representative, Jeff Fortenberry withdrew his pledge) In the first debate she considered the global warming issue a natural cycle. While she has been an effective State Senator, I am concerned that she would be controlled by the Norquist arm and party leadership. While Kerrey has lived in New York City for the past few years, he has continued to be involved in his Nebraska businesses that employ several hundred people. His experience in the Military, as a Businessman, as Governor, and his demonstrated effectiveness as a 2 term United States Senator, makes him an overwhelming choice in this election. 

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