Saturday, October 27, 2012


We visited Julie, John and Sadie in their new house this morning. They got moved in yesterday. We had given them our old bedroom furniture some time ago. It was originally solid Mahogany but had been refinished as "Limed Oak" when we bought it. Carolyn has refinished several pieces of it back to the original Mahogany and it looks great.  This prompted us to check and see what we could find in our records to confirn when we bought it and what we paid for it. We know we bought it soon after we moved to our Arlington Ridge Road house and about the same time we bought the dining room furniture. We found that the dining room furniture was bought on June 6, 1964 from  people in Colesville, MD. The picture here was taken to celebrate Verlon's birthday that August with the dining room furniture in place. This was during my early years of taking classes at GW along with a very demanding time at work. I probably  missed more days of writing in my Diary at that time than any other and must have just missed the bedroom furniture purchase. We were able to get it "pined down" to be within a couple months' time span but we are not sure what we paid for it. We know it was just a fraction of what it is worth after Carolyn's refinishing.

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