Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Conversation

Dad: Tim, this is a picture of you in the fall of '62 in your Halloween Outfit. What ever possessed you to make it? Tim: We had just moved from Lincoln and it was before the days of Herbie Husker. The Cornhuskers had a mascot dressed in a similar outfit. Tim: How on earth did you make it?? Tim: I had a lot of help from my parents. As I recall it was cut from cardboard and paper mache. I had been in Fairlington Elementary for only 2 months and I was made "fun of" for my outfit. I was very homesick. Dad: What happened to it?? Tim: It got vandalized and destroyed. Dad: What did you learn from all of that??. Tim: I learned that sometimes you have to go ahead and do things that you feel strongly about regardless of what other people may think. Dad: What did you do to get in the good graces of those Fairlington kids who made fun of you?? Tim: I didn't worry about it and by the time I broke my ankle, they were all my friends. Everybody signed my cast. Dad: How did you break your ankle?? Tim: I was playing baseball with Topps and broke it sliding into 3rd base. Dad: How long did it take you  to get back on the field??. Tim: I broke it in an early spring practice game and didn't get back playing until late in the summer. But the incident really brought out the friendship from my fellow students. Mr. Bouchard kept me on the team so I had the full year to play as a 12 year old. It was a great experience. 

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