Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sadie & Sports

Tim & Laura left on their way back to Indiana this afternoon following a few days visit with us here in Seward. They and Sadie got well acquainted while they were here and enjoyed each others company. One day was spent in Lincoln where Carolyn and Laura visited the "Quilt Museum" and Tim the "Tastee-Inn-and-Out" among other places. Tim and I saw part of the Seward HS girls volleyball trifecta with Schuyler and Fairbury. Then last night we went to the Concordia-Briar Cliff girls volleyball game at the new Gym on Campus. Tim announces athletic events at North HS in Columbus, IN and was interested in hearing other announcers as well as seeing the games and facilities. Concordia won the 5th set last night 20-18 after Briar Cliff had 3 chances at match-point. It was an exciting finish. We watched the Atlanta Braves-St. Louis Cardinals  baseball game up until the time we needed to go up to Concordia. We, like many of the Cardinal fans were shocked at the "infield fly" call by the left field umpire. Tim had some of his baseball books along and read the definition there as well as further research on the Internet. We agreed that it was a bad call that didn't meet the intent of the rule which is to prevent intentionally dropping a fly ball and getting a double play as a result. I believe  the incident will lead to some changes in the definition or the things which are subject to umpire review. This is the first year that the team with the 2nd best record was able to compete for the wild-card slot in post season play. Atlanta finished the regular season with a .580 record and St. Louis only .543. It's unfortunate that the excitement of an extra "play in" game was clouded by a disputed call as well as Chipper Jones making a critical error in his final game.  

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