Sunday, October 28, 2012

Careful in Your Wishes

This is the Seward United Methodist Church where we have been members for the past 16 years. We served as Greeters for the 10:30 Service this morning. That resulted in our setting in the back, rather than our usual "up close to the front on the right side" pew. Setting in a different location changes the perspective of how you see things. The "Praise Team" led the Service with  Rev. Doug having a brief sermon as part of the team. Elaine and I are not big fans of the Praise Team Services, however, setting in back we could see the large number of young families with children who seemed to enjoy it. It made me wonder if we were out of date in preferring the sound of the organ playing traditional hymns and the Sermon, rather than the music,  being the core of the service. Elaine and I agreed at the time of our marriage that we would go to her UCC Church but would eventually go to mine. While there were many years when we went to the Presbyterian Church, we decided those 16 years ago that we would finally get back to my Methodist Church. The Presbyterian Church at that time was small with a minimal music program. I told Lisa, the Lady Preacher, that the Music program at the Methodist Church was a major reason for moving our membership. As I listened to all the music this morning, I was reminded of the old adage, "Be careful what you wish (or prayer) for, you may just get it". 

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