Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Colorful Season

This is the view across the street from our front door. The colorful maple tree is a show of beauty this weekend. I drive past several similar trees going to the Golf Course. I had a "shot of the Day" on the par 4, 8th hole today. I was some 80 yards out and put it in the cup with a 9 iron. It's an up hill green and I wasn't able to see it go in. I knew it was a good shot and was surprised when I got up to the green and couldn't see the ball. After driving the cart to the backside of the green and not seeing it, I looked in the cup and there it was for a birdie. I played by myself today with Charlie going to their Daughter's wedding reception. When I play by myself, I play with a white as well as yellow ball. The birdie helped me  have a good game where I shot under my age. Elaine had the water hot for coffee when I got home after stopping at a garage sale. We had 0.30" of rain last night which was very welcomed. The temperature got up to 70 so I did some yard work, putting away the hoses, filling the bird feeder and pulling the Black Eyed Susan vine off the trellis. I've also watched some football and will be ready for the Yankee-Tiger game this evening. Carolyn was down yesterday as the Yankees beat the Orioles in Yankee Stadium. We talked about what a great trip she and I had 3 years ago when we went back to visit Julie in New York City and saw games at the Stadium and Citi Field where the Mets played. 

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