Friday, October 19, 2012

A Precious Little Girl

This was taken 59 years ago with Carolyn was all dressed up in her baptismal dress. She was baptised on her 2 month birthday. It seems obvious that the sun was so bright that she had her eyes shut. Back in those days, the picture would have been taken with Kodachrome film. We didn't take more than one "shot" of a pose because of the cost--it was much different than today's digital photography. Once a 20 picture roll of film was shot, it was mailed to the Kodak Processing Lab in Chicago and a box of 35mm slides sent back. Then it was necessary to get out the projector to see how the pictures "turned out". I hope that with all the pictures that are taken these days, they can be "saved" in as good a condition as these old Kodachrome slides. What's even more amazing is the good condition of some of the old black and white pictures that were taken 100 years ago. We were real proud of our little girl when she came along after having two boys. Elaine certainly had her hands full since Verlon didn't have his 3rd birthday until a few days after Carolyn was born (and Tim was in-between them). That was the summer that I played baseball with Seward as well as Garland.    Clarence and I were also working with the Nebraska Nursery in addition to our SCS jobs. I don't know how we got it all done. 

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