Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Sadie

This was a quiet day at our house. We were spoiled last week with Tim and Laura here. Not only did we enjoy their presence but our Seward "family" also spent more time here. We all got better acquainted with Sadie and she with us. Yesterday was her 2 months birthday and she changes every day. We went to Church this morning and participated in World Wide Communion. Our preacher was out of town so we had a fellow from India "fill-in" who was difficult to understand. We watched the Nationals beat the Cardinals 3-2 in St. Louis. This was the first post season win for a Washington baseball team since 1933. Now we are waiting for the rain delay to allow the Yankee vs Oriole game to begin. After Nebraska getting beat 63-38 by Ohio State last night, I wasn't up to watching very much football today. 

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