Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sadie in Snow Suit

Sadie weighed in this morning at 11 pounds and measured 23 1/2 inches. She is doing well. Julie bought this little snowsuit when she was only a couple months pregnant. It's still pretty big for her but she will grow into it. The temperature was down to 23 degrees this morning so warm clothes were a necessity. It was a sunny day though, that warmed up into the mid 60's. I worked out in the yard after coming in from the golf course which was a good time to chop up the tomato plants with the lawn mower and put them on the compost pile. Yesterday I cut them off and Elaine helped me pick off all the green tomatoes. We had a big bucket full of them and they too went on the compost pile. If I remember correctly, Mother used to make a Green Tomato Relish. I don't eat ripe tomatoes so I certainly wouldn't have ever eaten green ones. After going to coffee this morning, playing 9 holes of golf, working in the yard, I was ready to read the Seward paper and watch baseball. Then we decided to buy groceries on Senior Citizen discount day. Our purchases included a box of Broasted Chicken which we enjoyed for supper. And, we are still watching baseball even though the Nationals and Reds got beat and the Yankees are behind 1-0. 

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