Thursday, October 18, 2012

Future Generations

This was taken a week ago when we stopped by to see Julie and Sadie. They were down to our house this afternoon and it's amazing how much she changes in a weeks time. Julie said she likes to set up so I held her on my knee for a while. She really enjoys laying on a blanket on the floor where she can swing her arms, kick and roll her head from one side to the other. Her eyes seem to be taking on a brownish tint and she follows sound; especially her Mother's voice. It is a chilly, very windy day here so they had her bundled up good to bring her to  visit. It wasn't a fit day to golf so I spent time in my "Office" catching up on filing. We have a Lodge Dinner this evening and then we will go to our "Small Group" meeting. Our chapter for discussion is, "Creating Hell All Around Us" which relates to our "garbage dumps" or Waste Disposal Sites. It describes the U. S. as having 4.6 % of the World's population but produces 1/3 if its garbage. We have become a "Throw Away" society and are running out of "Aways". I wonder what changes will occur by the time Sadie gets to be my age.  We didn't have that  much of a garbage problem when my Dad was born, 116 years ago today.  

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