Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some Win-Some Lose

Tim called a few minutes ago and they were on I-80 headed our way. They had just filled up with gas and food at the Sapp Bros. station this side of Omaha. During the time we lived in Ankeny, IA and frequently made the trip, it took 1 hour to get from Seward to Sapp Bros. We are eagerly awaiting their arrival. 
Our elation of Nebraska's coming back from being down 20-3, to beating Wisconsin 30-27, was dampened by the USA's Ryder Cup lose to the Europeans. My golf game wasn't very good today either so I can certainly relate to the Americans when they miss a putt. What I can't relate to is how they make many of them. Golf is one of the few things that a person can still do on a competitive basis when you get to be my age that even relates to what younger people can do. In some areas, experience can help make up for declining physical and mental abilities but in others, that experience under different circumstances, may even become a burden. The challenge is in recognizing the level of your abilities. Maybe Tim can help me do that. 

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