Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good Deeds & Hard Times

This is brother Don on his pony during the drought of the '30's.  I did some hose watering in the yard this afternoon and thought about this picture. Our grass that took the full blunt of the summer sun, looks just like the ground under Flapper's hoofs. I have already decided to wait until spring to do anything with the yard but am looking forward to it being covered with snow so we can't see the nearly bare ground. While looking in some of my DVDs for this picture, I locked up my computer and couldn't do anything with it. I couldn't even get it shut down. While I was working with it, Elaine answered the door where two HS kids were out collecting canned goods for their Church. While she was getting some things out of the cabinet, I took advantage of asking them for computer help. They didn't profess to any great knowledge of an Apple laptop but said I could shut it off by holding the switch down for 5 seconds. That was just the help I needed. After shutting it down and bringing it back up, it works great. You wouldn't be reading this without their help. Elaine gave them an extra can of Beef Vegetable Soup. 

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  1. How ironic~ I asked our Japanese hosteller to help me delete the pictures on my camera as it said the internal something or another was full. So he quickly showed me how! How wonderful it is to have someone around from the younger generation who knows how to do all this technical stuff!!! I had already transferred all the pictures to my computer.