Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Times Change

I came across this picture yesterday as  I pulled up the one of us 5 fellows that went back to D.C. in 1948. This picture was taken in just about the same spot  with Elaine and I, Verlon, Tim, Carolyn and Jon. There was only 14 years between the one of us 5 "farm boys" and this one. A lot happened in the 14 years. While Elaine and I  were "going-to-gether", we didn't become engaged until nearly a year later.  I had hardly heard of the Soil Conservation Service at that time back in January of '48. However, by the summer of '62 Elaine and I were married, had 4 children, I had worked for SCS some 14 years, had completed 70 college hours at UN-L, bought a farm and had it paid for, had owned 3 different houses, passed the FSEE examination, completed a year long training program as an Administrative Trainee and was promoted to the Personnel Division of the National Headquarters Office in D.C. and had moved back there. That was probably the most "dynamic" 14 years in our lives.  While we have lost friends and relatives during the past 14 years, our personal life style changes have been rather minor. We still live in the same house, draw the same annuity check(though it's larger), drive the same car (though we also have a newer one), shoot about the same golf score ( but from the yellow tees),  and continue with Kiwanis, Bank Board, City Council, Church, etc. We are indeed very fortunate that we can say that the changes in our lives haven't been as significant as during that earlier period. One very major change that we are thoroughly enjoying if the birth of our first Great Granddaughter Sadie Elizabeth Owens a month ago. Life is Good. 

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