Monday, September 10, 2012

John Deeres

Brother Don sitting on his John Deere B just before it was sold at their auction this past Saturday. I'm not sure how long Don owned this tractor but it's been several years and he did a lot of restoration work on it.   Our neighbors, the Kilzers bought a used "B" in about 1940. They lived to the west of us and also farmed a place to the east of us so they drove it through our farmstead frequently. Each time we saw it, I wished we had one. Eventually we were able to get a permit to buy a new tractor during WW II from the County Rationing Board. I'm not sure how the allocation process worked but remember that we had no choice of the make of tractor we were able to buy. Two of our neighbors got Minneapolis-Molines, another a Massey Harris and one an IHC. Dad would liked to have had an "M" International. What we had an opportunity to buy was a 1944  Model "A" John Deere. I  had the privilege of driving it home from Seward. It was a good tractor that I spent many hours  on it during my farming days.   There are many stories including some close calls associated with the tractor. Dad kept it for several years but had switched over to Olivers for his later farming years. 

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