Saturday, September 15, 2012


Last evening we went to Bee for fish dinner at Lou and Maryann's and this evening we brought home a Pizza from Sam and Louie's here in Seward. It hit the spot after watching the Nebraska football game and seeing the Yankee's beat the Rays. We were around early this morning and hauled our brush pile to the City Burn Pile. We accumulate shrub & tree trimmings, etc. on a pile out by the Lilac bushes and haul it to the burn pile once a year. I was handed the key to the pickup that I borrowed and was embarrassed to have to ask how to turn on the switch. The Key only opened the door and a computer connection which is a part of the key case is what turns the switch. By the time we got the brush hauled, the truck returned, showered and shaved, had coffee with a Kolachie, I announced that my days work was done. I just watech TV and goofed off the rest of the day. I missed my golfing exercise but the course was tied up with special events. Maybe tomorrow. 

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