Saturday, September 29, 2012

Changing Times

We enjoyed getting out to see the progress on Julie and John's new house. Much of the floor covering has been installed, walls have been painted, and most of the appliances installed. Here is Julie showing Elaine and Carolyn how the freezer pulls out of the refrigerator. The whole kitchen is just fantastic. Sadie was along but she slept in her car seat during the entire time. She is a very fortunate little girl to be moving into a pink bedroom before being old enough to remember any thing different. Sadie will have difficulty believing me if I tell her that Uncle Burt Walker had to show me how to flush a toilet stool when I was about 10 years old. And, had never lived in a house with an indoor bathroom until Elaine and I were married. After living in a rented apartment for less than 2 years, we moved in to a little house of our own and again had an outdoor privy. We did get indoor plumbing installed within a few months. We still don't take many of our current conveniences for granted and continue to appreciate them. 

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