Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seward Lied Senior Center

I participated in a monthly Board Meeting of the Lied Senior Center here in Seward this evening. As a representative of the City Council, I take part in the discussion but am not a voting member. Discussion included the possible need to increase the cost of meals. Anyone who has been in a grocery store can understand why. The meals are prepared at the Seward Memorial Hospital under the direction of a Dietitian and are contracted for on an annual basis. They served 196 at a recent monthly Potato bake. The monthly birthday/anniversary dinner meeting will be served tomorrow.  They have 67 reservations. Elaine will be among those recognized for her September birthday.  The Kiwanis Kitones will sing following the dinner. I don't think they(we) were necessarily a "draw, but hope that no one stayed away because of our singing. 

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