Friday, September 14, 2012

Don's Wagon

These wagons were on Don and Gladys' auction last Saturday. As I "processed" this picture, it brought back memories of Don and his wagons as a kid. In the fall of 1940 when Don would have been 10 years old, he had his wagon fixed up with a "backboard" similar to what I had on my full sized wagon while husking corn.  I remember of him pulling his wagon up the field road north of the house  where I was working. It was a Saturday afternoon and Nebraska was playing Minnesota in Minneapolis. He had written the score on his wagons backboard. My Diary entry for October 5, 1940 includes, "Shucked corn today. Heard that Cincinnati won the world series game. Nebraska lost the football game". In checking the record, Minnesota won 13-7. Those were the days when Nebraska was in the Big-Six and Minnesota was a real powerhouse. Now, the last time they have outscored Nebraska was in 1960. We have a 15 game win streak going against them. While I had forgotten the score of the game, I still have the distinct memory of Don having written it on his backboard. (I suspect he abbreviated Minnesota- I would've had to). 

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