Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Collection of Words

These are the shelves in my basement office that hold my 7, 5-year Diaries and 35 years of daily Journals. The little box in the foreground contains over 30 years of monthly planners. Some people collect stamps, tokens, coins, etc. It could be said that I collect words or memories. Some collections become more valuable as time passes but I don't expect mine to do so. It's value is very personal to those of us who "lived it". In fact, I'll be satisfied if it doesn't become a burden for someone someday. We also have quite a collection of pictures. However, with them, technology keeps changing. They go from prints to slides to digital pictures so storage, retrieval and viewing is an issue. At least with my collection of words it's all hard copy, though some of them are written with a pencil. 

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