Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Good Day

With Verlon here from Virginia, it was a good opportunity for the Nebraska Cousins to get together today in Lincoln. Here is Carolyn, Verlon, MaryBeth, Laurie, Kathy, Terry, Becky and Sandy. It would have been nice if the other cousins could have been here from California, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana and Virginia. Eight out of 17 isn't too bad considering the distance involved. Missing were Gary, Julie, Mark, Jim, Cindy, Tony, Mark, Tim and Jon. Verlon was the first of the cousins and Tanya the last with 26 years between their ages. My cousins were within a similar age spread but Elaine's varied over a couple generations. 
I had an opportunity to play golf after two days of the course being tied up when I might have played. By the time I got home, Verlon and Elaine were already planning supper. Verlon had marinated a pork roast and was preparing to cook it on the grill. It needed to cook slowly which provided an opportunity to enjoy a Heineken and discuss the cousins get together, my golf game, and how the Yankees and Royals came out. It was a beautiful evening, the roast turned out great. Elaine complemented it with sour kraut, apple sauce, potatoes and apple pie with ice cream. The only things better would have been a Royals win and my not missing that last putt. Maybe tomorrow. 

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