Thursday, September 13, 2012

Environmental Group Discussion

We had our first "small group" meeting this evening to study the relationship between "Faith, Science, and the Message of Jesus". There are 7 people in the group which makes for good exchange of ideas. We are considerably older than the others which makes for differing perspectives which I'm sure will be more pronounced as we get into the "meat" of the environmental issues. Elaine is the only one of the 4 ladies that grew up on a farm though a couple of the fellows did. It's difficult if not impossible for a person to grow up in town and have the same appreciation of Nature and the Environment as country kids. I recognize that kids growing up on a farm today is much different than in our day. One of the ladies involved is with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, another works for the Nebraska Bankers Association which will lead to some interesting perspectives. The couple that host our group have only been in Seward for 2-3 years. They moved here from Tomah, WI and knew Chad and were aware of Vrana Drywall and Storage. They went to the same Church where Jerry's funeral was held a year ago. They are good people that we enjoy being with as are all the others in the group. It will be a good experience. Plus, Marti served an excellent dessert. 

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