Friday, September 21, 2012

Mother & Daughter

This was taken yesterday when the girls came down to visit.  It's a picture worth a thousand words. In fact, I could write a number of words and it wouldn't tell the story as well as the picture. One word that might work is "contentment".  As much as Sadie seems to enjoy kicking her legs and swinging her arms, she is most content when "wrapped up" and resting on her Mothers shoulder. Being "wrapped" is only one of the many things that have changed since we had babies. I have heard it said that the only things that remains constant is change. Julie gave me a demonstration of her IPhone-4 which was Apple's top model until today. I don't know how  much the new model changes from hers but it was already way above my "grade level". One can't help but wonder if change in such technology will continue to accelerate or if it is reaching a level of maturity and will slow down. The automobile went through tremendous change (and improvement) during the 1930's. While the product continues to improve, the rate of change has been quite minor during the past 60 years compared to that earlier decade. But there are some things that don't change. The Love shown in this picture is an example. 

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