Saturday, September 8, 2012

Don & Gladys Vrana Auction

We left early this morning to drive to Syracuse, NE to attend brother Don and Gladys Auction. It was a most interesting day. The weather was perfect and an excellent time to visit with relatives and old friends. Don has completed 40 years in the profession and has served as President of the Nebraska Auctioneers Association. There were 6 or 7 of his Auctioneer buddies were there to help. He didn't plan to do any selling himself but one of his fellow "Col's" suggested he sell the first item. It was a good little shovel that would have probably brought $15.00 under normal conditions but I and one of his buddies ran it up to nearly $50.00. The successful bidder was one of his Auctioneer friends who ask Don to autograph it for him. Like most auctions, some things didn't bring what might have been expected and others brought more. It all balances out. Don did make it clear that even though he was selling his auctioning equipment, he would be available to help out whenever he was needed. He and Gladys have a wonderful family and many of them were there. We enjoyed the time we had to visit. It was particularly nice since our son flew in from Richmond, VA last evening and was with us today to visit with cousins. 

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