Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

This Lady had a Happy Birthday today. It included lunch at the Olive Garden in Lincoln as well as some shopping. And, was topped off with a Raspberry birthday cake baked by Carolyn and enjoyed at our house this evening by Elaine and I, the Hughes' and Owens'. Elaine graciously shared her birthday attention with Sadie who was 4-weeks old today. Our shopping for Elaine included a purse, slacks and a blouse. We also had a special dessert at Olive Garden following our Soup and Salad lunch. We drove in after my round of golf and had no trouble going through the new roundabout on Superior Street at 14th. Elaine also had several phone calls and cards. While it wasn't a particularly significant numerical birthday, it will be remembered more as her first one as a Great Grandmother than for any other reason. It is just amazing how little Sadie has grown and changed during these 4 weeks. We didn't have the opportunity to be close to any of our Grandchildren when they were at this age so it is most interesting to see the changes in Sadie as we see her every few days. 

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