Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ed Pollak

This was the scene at the Garland High School Alumni reunion a year ago in June. Seated are Don, Ed, Tony and Jack. Ed didn't attend GHS but the other 3 of us represent the remaining members of the Class of '42. The three of us were back again this year for our 70th anniversary of our class. Ed wasn't able to attend as a guest this past June because of health problems. He died the other day and his funeral will be this Tuesday here in Seward. He was a very good old friend. As young men we hunted and fished together. Along with my brother Don, Don Armstrong and Bub we visited Arkansas and the Ozarks in 1947. In early 1948 the 5 of us drove to Virginia and Washington D.C. and later that year, Ed, brother Don and I saw our first major league baseball games in Chicago. On our trip back to D.C. , Ed broke down a motel bed by switching off the light and jumping into bed in an attempt to beat the darkness. There was always a good time when you were with Ed. He will be missed.

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