Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vrana Auction

Here is the sale bill for brother Don and Gladys Vrana's Auction that will be held on Saturday, September 8th in Syracuse, NE. They are retiring from the Auctioning business after some 40 years. This auction will be held to reduce their "inventory" of items which were accumulated during those years. Don has spent many hours along with young family members working on projects down in his shop, including the restoration of the '47 John Deere B. His collection of John Deere 1/16 size toy tractors has been the envy of anyone who ever had a JD tractor. I'm sure there is a story connected with each of the Pedal Tractors. The auction also includes a great collection of high quality guns. I have my eye on a couple things to buy for no other reason than the fact that they came from Don. Our hunting together goes back to the days when I was about 15 and he was 11. Dad would let us take his single shot 410 and hunt squirrels in the big trees down along the creek. My first gun was an over/under single shot 410 with a 22 cal. rifle on top. It was made during WWII and had a plastic stock and grip. Dad used to carry it on his tractor and shoot ground squirrels and it was sold when they had their "retirement" auction. I've always regretted not coming back for that auction so I'm certainly not going to miss this one. Hard telling what we may bring home to enjoy until our "toys" are passed on at our Auction. 

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