Sunday, September 9, 2012

Family at the Auction

Don & Gladys' Auction yesterday provided a chance for us to spend a bit of time with their family. This is Matt Deseck, Ty Gorton and Tony McWilliams. I just happened to catch them together while I was sitting in the shade. Matt and Tony have played baseball this summer. We were able to see Tony play 3rd base for Pius X  HS when they came out to beat Seward earlier this spring. Ty just got home from having a cast removed after surgery at the Shrine Hospital in Minneapolis. His good natured personality is an inspiration to all of us. I understand he has affected the Doctors and Nurses at the Hospital the same way.  Kathy is seen in the upper left corner of the picture talking to Verlon (His head is not shown). Verlon was the 1st of the Florence and Tony Grandchildren and Kathy the 2nd. While it's difficult to "keep up" with siblings families when it gets to Great Grandchildren, having them as "friends"  on Facebook helps. 
Here is Don with Dalton Leefers who became the lucky guy to get Great Grandpa's Stevens Little Scout 22 cal. Single Shot Rifle,  when his Mother, Jeni, was the high bidder on one of the guns that were sold yesterday. Don was real pleased to see it remain in the family. It is an ideal gun for a young man to have especially when he  it was Grandpa's. 

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