Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Parental Pride

Meredith Wilson wasn't the only "Music Man". In 1937 a fellow came to our farm giving away Hawaiian Guitars and selling 52 weekly lessons that each cost $1.15. There was no way that my folks could afford such lessons for Vivian and I, but when the salesman played some beautiful music on one of the guitars, we were all impressed. He assured the folks that as "bright" and "musically inclined" as we were, at the end of the lessons, we could play just as well. Finally, he told of setting up a group right in our neighborhood since Willard Kilzer and Don Plautz were already planning to "buy in".  As the folks discussed the cost, I remember Dad saying it would take a full wagon full of wheat to cover the cost. There was never any consideration of only one of us being involved. So all 4 of us began our lessons. While we were told about the musical notes, we played entirely by numbers. It was a very simplistic method. While most of our lessons were given for a hour a week in one of our homes, occasionally we met with a similar sized Seward Class. Some of those lessons were in the old Nome Hotel. The folks took great delight in our ability to make music. We played at family birthday parties and all 4 of us played at Country School Christmas programs, etc. Vivian and I even played for our Junior-Senior Banquet at the Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln when we were Juniors. I hope the folks "got their monies worth" when it was something that required considerable sacrfice. Since I was relatively good at it, it helped my confidence at an age when  it was necessary It got us out in front of people and built our self esteem which was very important throughout my career. It further cemented a friendship between Willard and I that continues to this day. I will discuss this with him on Thursday at the Senior Center Potato Bake. It's an example of the lengths parents will go for their kids and the kids hopefully, making the best of it. Thanks Dad and Mother. 

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