Monday, September 17, 2012

Verlon Cooking

We continued to eat on the roast pork this evening that Verlon grilled yesterday evening. In fact, there is probably enough left for him to have a good sandwich before boarding the airplane tomorrow morning. While I was at Kiwanis this noon, Elaine and Verlon went town to Beaver Crossing to visit the Hardware Store and buy some little wheels for a cart that we have. It has had a bad wheel for some time. As it turned out, they didn't fit when they got home. But Verlon came up with an ingenious way to repair the old wheel that had gone bad. He got it all put back together and will be ready to help move the next item that's too heavy to carry. As he said, Grandpa Flowerday would have been proud. This was probably the last thing he was able to fix for us during this visit. His home maintenance work while visiting helps to keep our place in "ship shape". 

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