Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sadie Elizabeth

This was taken Sunday evening when we went up to Owens' to visit and see Sadie. She and Verlon get along real well. The girls came down this afternoon and we were able to play with her again. She enjoyed being on a blanket on the living room floor where she was able to kick, swing her arms and enjoy herself. Verlon got down on the floor with her and we all enjoyed her responsiveness to his attention. Julie wrapped her up in a "swaddling" blanket as she picked her up off the floor. Then I was able to hold her for a few minutes and hold the bottle as she really got in to her feeding. She seems to change a bit each time we see her, it's just amazing. We are enjoying Verlon's time here with us. He has been working on our "deferred home maintenance". That includes scraping and painting and caulking the outside of basement windows as well as other selected house scraping, priming and painting. That along with a lot of other miscellaneous things that we just don't get done. We not only appreciate his work that gets done during his annual visits but also enjoy the opportunity to visit. We are watching the Yankee-Red Sox ballgame tonight and haven't cheered too loud (Verlon is a Red Sox fan) as the Yankees lead in the bottom of the 7th. But the Sox scored 2 runs after Joba Chamberlin came in to pitch  and after 7, the score is 5-3. We may be fans of different ball teams but we are all 100% fans of Sadie Elizabeth. 

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