Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Lumber Jack and Butterfly

Jack and Sadie competed in the Seward Rotary Club Halloween Costume Contest this evening at the Bandshell. There must have been over 50 kids involved in about 10 age classes. Jack competed in a class of 1 but under 2, age group and got 2nd place in a class of about 10. He went as a "Lumber Jack" with his stocking cap, plaid shirt, blue jeans and suspenders. His face was "made up" to look like a growth of whiskers. A set of twins won the 1st prize in that age group. Dr. Ron Wallman is shown here interviewing Jack. Rod did a great job with the kids.
Sadie went as a Butterfly and won first prize in her age group which included some 10 contestants. Ron asked her if she had been a cocoon last year and interestingly the little girl next to her was one this year. Since Sadie won 1st in her class of 4-year old's, she competed with all the class winners for the Championship Trophy. The winner was about a 10-year old dressed and performed as "Mary Poppins". She was dressed perfectly, made up ideally, carried her suitcase and sang, "A spoonful of sugar..." It was an ideal evening to hold the event at the outdoor Bandshell. Our temperature got up to the high 70's this afternoon but it began to cool down quickly after sunset. There were many 80 degree temperatures shown for western Nebraska towns on the 5:00pm local news. The leaves continue to fall from our Birch and Maple trees. The Maple leaves have put a beautiful yellow blanket over much of our front yard. The Linden and Red Oak trees are yet to have their days of glory.

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