Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Fun Sunday

I never thought our Red Oak would become an attraction for climbing at the time we planted it several years ago.  We had hoped that it would provide shade for the deck which has certainly been achieved. Verlon has kept it trimmed to where it has an ideal shape. John and Julie brought Sadie and Jack down to the Seward Fire Hall where they were able to ride on a Fire Truck. Then we all went to Goehner where an Open House was held at the Museum. Free train rides were also provided which was a big draw. We had been through the Main building but were impressed by the newer ones.
 These newer buildings house a great collection of farm machinery, tractors, yard and garden equipment along with many old unusual items. They ranged all the way from a Deluxe 1953 Chevy to a bicycle equipped to go down railroad tracks. Yesterday, Verlon took a picture of his shadow shown on the Red Oak tree trunk as the sun was rising. I thought that looked interestingly weird so this morning I tried it. I had on my long bathrobe which accounts for the shape. 

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