Friday, October 14, 2016

Jack's Pennies and Julia Child's Desk

Jack visited us this morning and learned that his Texaco Truck was a "bank" to put pennies in as well as his "Piggy Bank". We had gone down to the lower level earlier, and he walks right to the record player to get the Polka music going and then picks a model truck off the shelves to play with. He has even discovered that the TV there gets the same PBS Kid's program that he sees in the living room. He is in all his glory when he can play with models on the coffee table, listen to Polka music, watch "T" and have me sitting on the couch watching him do all these things. I continued to work on the bookshelves in the storage room this afternoon and found some books I didn't remember ever having. 
One of these is "From The Desk Of" by Hal Drucker and Sid Lerner. It was published by Narcort Brace Jovanovich; copyright 1989. It is an 83 page, 10 by 10 1/2 inch hardback, slick paged publication which features a picture of 42
celebrities of that era with a picture of them sitting at their desk and a story on them on the facing page. I have included the coverage of Julia Child. The narratives provide interesting stories on each of the celebrities.

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