Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kids in the Backyard

Verlon and I hauled 2 pickup loads of tree and shrub trimmings to the City burn pile early this morning. When we finished, he picked up a package of Poppy Seed Kolaches from the Farmer's Market. We were enjoying them with coffee when John, Sadie and Jack stopped by to visit. They liked the Kolaches, but had even more fun out in the back yard. Jack liked roasting ears this summer but a mature ear of corn was something new. Verlon and Sadie played catch, and she even caught the ball several times. We don't have much for the kids to play with in the back yard, but Jack was impressed with the bird bath. Sadie enjoyed Verlon challenging her with different things. Jack has always been fascinated with bugs and seems to spot them before anyone else. His highlight came when his Daddy set him up in the fork of the Red Oak tree. Sadie set in the tree for a minute but being a bit larger than Jack, and wearing a dress, made it less comfortable for her than Jack.  I enjoyed watching all the activity from my chair on the deck, as much as the kids did. They both seemed to enjoy getting strapped into the little trailer that John pulls behind his bike. Later in the day we watched the Nebraska football team beat Illinois 31-16, but the #1 Girls Volleyball team saw a 28 game winning streak broken by Ohio State, 3-1.

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