Friday, September 30, 2016

Presidential Election Discussion

Elaine baked some chocolate chip cookies for Verlon to take along when he went to coffee with me this morning. We began the discussion with a review of the nights rescue and police calls. The harvest underway during our beautiful weather was mentioned. Verlon told of his experience in Richmond, VA with Tim Kaine, and how when he was on the City Council, helped Verlon with a problem. That led into a discussion of the Presidential campaign. It was recognized that we not only elect a President and VP but also over 3,000 political appointees that come with them, to provide "leadership" to the thousands of  Career Civil Servants. While there were some strong opinions expressed, one fellow made some comments that made sense to me. He said that there is always a certain amount of risk involved in every Administration change, and probably more this year than average, in light of the candidates. Like much decision making, the risk should be equated to the rewards, the potential benefits. It was his opinion, that the risk of a Trump administration would be greater than they would be with Clinton, but the potential benefits would also be much greater. Clinton's risk as well as the benefits, would be less dramatic, in his opinion.  That is why some people bet on the 20-1 horse and others on the 2-1. Someone else commented that, supporters of the winner will probably be disappointed after a year or so because things aren't as good as hoped, and supporters of the loser, will be happy that it's not as bad as feared. The most certain prediction is that the sun will rise in Seward, NE on November 9th.

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