Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verlon's Welcome Reception

Verlon had a good flight from Richmond, VA in to Lincoln this afternoon, and was met at the airport by Carolyn. Elaine and I were in Bryan for her hearing aid appointment. We all got together following  supper and after I took a couple pictures, Sadie borrowed my camera and took this one of Verlon. She went on around the room and got each of us individually. We have several pictures of Jack setting on my lap, and his pushing the button to take a laptop picture with photo booth. However, we didn't have one of Sadie until tonight. She sat on my lap and we got a couple of the two of us. By that time, she had caught on as to how it worked, and started sitting with others to get their pictures.
Since she could see herself 
on the computer screen, she decided to enhance her appearance by holding Mickey Mouse on her head while moving the cursor to the "shutter" button and pushing the key pad with her right hand. The next stage was sitting on her Daddy's lap, with Mother close by,  and taking a few more shots. I think her Daddy may have helped with some of the special effects. They got Jack talked into joining the fun and came up with this family picture. 

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