Saturday, September 10, 2016

Maggie at Eleven (some years ago)

As we opened the book to September 10 for our morning devotional, Elaine and I looked at each other and asked, why is this date so special. I even went through the column in the Omaha World Herald which lists events that occurred in history on this date, but didn't find anything to resolve our question. With my laptop in for repair, I slipped a flash drive in our PC, pulled up my blog page from a year ago, and here was a tribute to Maggie for her birthday. I went up to tell Elaine who had bought a special card a couple months ago, that was just perfect for Maggie. I was able to post a greeting and apology on Maggie's face book page and  Elaine  got the card ready to mail. We took it down to the drop box at the Post Office and got it on its way. But, for the record, Happy Birthday Maggie!!!
We watched the Nebraska Huskers defeat the Wyoming Cowboys by a score of 52-17. The Huskers intercepted several Cowboy passes and scored 4 TD's in the 4th quarter but got pretty close at 24-17 after leading 17-0 earlier. I'm sure Coach Riley has a list of things to work on during the week in preparation for Oregon. Elaine and I walked around the block after supper as a contribution to our physical fitness. It was a beautiful cool, sunny day that barely got into the 70's.

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