Thursday, September 8, 2016

Don & Gladys Visit

Don and Gladys drove up from Syracuse this morning. He and I had a 10:00am Tee time at the Seward Golf Course. We were most pleased by the condition of the course. It was the first time we had been on it under City Management. Carolyn was having lunch with friends in the Dining Room and took this picture of Don and I walking off the last green. This is the 3rd year since I quit playing as a member. This was my first time out since Don and I played once in Syracuse last year. There are some skills like singing, playing a musical instrument, key boarding,  that stay with us but golf isn't one of them. My enjoyment was our visit, being able to see the trees I had planted and enjoying the beautiful setting under ideal weather conditions. Elaine and Gladys came out and we enjoyed a very tasty lunch in Nate's Dining Room. They had not seen the Nebraska National Guard Museum so that was our first stop after lunch. Jerry Meyer was there to take us into the Theater for the presentation and to show them around. We are more impressed every time we visit the place. We than came back to our house to catch up on family happenings.  It was a great day but I'm dog tired. I have written about not knowing when we do things for the last time but this picture of walking off the final green may become a classic.

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