Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Good Day for Old Folks

Elaine and my lifestyles have evolved over the past few years to where we spent more time in a seated position. I am shown here in my "man cave" going through old City Council files. It has been nearly 4 years since I completed my tenure and time to clean out the files. They could just be dumped into the recycling tub, but I find it interesting to go through most of them. I even save some of the material for "historic" purposes. And, save some of the blank, back side sheets for draft computer paper. The cardboard box that I'm working on, makes an ideal "desk" for the project since I don't set up as high as I once did. It is also handy while working in some of my big binders and can easily be moved out of the way. Elaine has moved some of the things in the Kitchen Cabinets to a lower level to make them more accessible.
That may have helped in the process of making the apple pie that she did this morning. She also brought in a few tomatoes from our 2 vines. Our trees in the back yard have grown to where they shade the area where earlier, we raised some really nice ones. Our oldest son is scheduled to fly into Lincoln tomorrow afternoon and the pie will be part of the welcome. We bought groceries at our local Pac n Sav store this afternoon and she notices the little 9" fruit pies for $7.00. She figured her big, deep dish one, would be worth at least $15. Her real specialty is Cherry pie. We had one of those while Tim was here and really enjoyed it with an ice cream topping.

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