Friday, September 23, 2016

Tom Wake's Hereford Dispersion in 1956

This afternoon I pulled out a box from our storage area that came from Elaine's family. We are not sure of the route that it took to get to our "lower level", but it contains some very interesting material.  This 60 page booklet was included. It list the 213 lots at auction, along with their pedigree information. Tom Wake's personal announcement of the sale, in the opening pages, tells of his starting the registered herd in 1940 and how he has improved the herd with selective purchases. The bull pictured was imported from England. My Uncle Clarence Walker worked for Wakes with their cattle at this time and would have helped with this sale. He was also involved with the pasturing of many of them at the ranch near Taylor, NE. While this was their dispersion sale, my Dad and I attended their first auction back in the late 40's. Wake's also had some Polled Herefords which was what my Dad raised. He bought his start with a Purebred bull, a cow and bred heifer in the early 40's and continued to buy purebred bulls until my folks retired in 1975. I checked my old 5-year diary for October 1, 1956 and found that Albert and I laid out terraces for Edmund Kantor, and a dam and terraces for Joe Suchy. I went to our Toastmasters Club meeting that evening. It was my first meeting as Club President.

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