Saturday, September 17, 2016

Homestead National Monument

 Carolyn, Tim, Elaine and I left Seward this morning on our way to visit the Homestead National Monument near Beatrice. We met John and Julie with Sadie and Jack, in Wilber where we visited "Frank's Smoke House". The Museum there was closed but we enjoyed setting on the "Jak se mas" bench at its front door. We then went on to visit the Education Center which is the original location of the Daniel Freeman cabin. It was one the the original homesteads following the 1862 Act. The Center contains a collection of antique farm machinery which was most interesting.  I had actually used some of it
The Heritage Center building is of a unique design and is symbolic of the plow which broke the prairie sod as the result of the Homestead Act. We ate lunch under the canopy which is on the back side of the building. Sadie was full of questions about the many things that were new to her. Jack  tried to say some new words and couldn't figure out why a "stuffed chicken" wouldn't peck at him. We drove through DeWitt on our way home and saw the former "Vice-Grip"  manufacturing plant. We also visited Doane University in Crete. It was a great one-day family trip.

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