Thursday, September 22, 2016

Family Fun

Tim was on his way to the Lincoln airport after having spent a few days with us. We not only had some "personal time" for discussion but also some interesting "special events".  These included Fish Dinner's in Bee, the  trip to the National Homestead Monument, a Sunday Dinner at Owens', a visit to the "Princess Prairie Flower" memorial, etc. The coffee group enjoyed Tim's presence at a couple sessions and he was able to attend a "new member orientation" at Kiwanis. It was an opportunity for him to learn about the many projects in which the Club is involved. But best of all was just having him here to talk about the past, present and future. 
Jack spent some time with us after the trip to the airport. His cheerful personality was appreciated to brighten our spirits after seeing Tim leave. He is such an interesting "study". His limited vocabulary doesn't hinder his communication skills and is saying new words each day.  He certainly has a grasp of what is being said and seen. His "eye-hand" coordination is demonstrated in building towers with dominoes. (Elaine may have helped a bit with this one). We laughed at his walking in my big SAS shoes but it was even more humorous when, in his own shoes, he demonstrated how Great Grandad walks.

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