Friday, September 2, 2016

Elaine's Birthday eve.

We had some excellent "home made" chili for supper and it was topped off with Chocolate cake that Elaine baked this afternoon. Since her birthday is tomorrow, it seemed appropriate to have a lighted candle on it. No, I didn't sing "Happy Birthday". She did already get some nice cards. I justified the one candle by saying it signified the one year since she had her last birthday. I did some work on our old pictures and came across this one of Elaine and Carolyn going to Janice's Wedding Shower at the "B" town hall with Vivian waiting for them at the door. Elaine has matured very graciously since that picture was taken. Sadie is about the same age now as her Grandmother was walking with Elaine. 
This next picture was when Sadie was little but is a very nice 4-generation picture; everyone looks happy. We haven't made any special plans for Elaine's birthday tomorrow. I've got something in mind but will surprise her with it. We typically go for a drive in the country past the farms where we each grew up but decided to wait until Tim gets here. We have already talked about how happy we are that we don't have to attend the Nebraska-Fresno St. football game in Lincoln tomorrow evening. 

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