Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jack, Sadie and Temptations

Julie and Sadie spent some extra time with us this morning when they go back to pick up Jack who was dropped off earlier. Jack and I had gone down to the lower level earlier to listen to some polka music and play with model trucks. When Sadie got here, she too wanted to hear some polka music so we turned the Ernie Kucera record over and played it. It's amazing that the record is still in good shape after some 40 years. Our old radio/ record player is seen in the background. We bought it from Davissons 35 years ago. It not only plays the 12" stereo records but also cassette tapes. It also has the capability of enabling tapes to be made from a record, the radio or even another cassette tape. Jack likes to have someone hold his hands and swing back and forth to the music but Sadie likes to move around while "dancing". Her moves seem to be just normal reactions to the rhythm of the music. The two kids play together nicely despite their difference in interest. Jacks favorites are "trucks" of any size, shape or description. Sadie is much happier painting (even if it's with water) and hearing stories. She knows her numbers to 20 and the alphabet. They have a little "puzzle" here at our house with all the plastic letters in "slots" on a board. She has been real helpful is Jack's being able to name many of them. I am much happier watching them play with plastic toys than the Model trucks and tractors that Jack insists pulling off my display shelves. Some day he will learn to avoid things he shouldn't have but at this stage it's my responsibility to remove the temptations.

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