Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy Days & Library Program

We are having some interesting conversations with Verlon back here. He is the "big boy" here with Tim setting up and Carolyn looking "bright eyed" and happy. Jon was still to come onto the scene. In addition to enjoying the expressions of the kids, I wondered why we picked out wallpaper with such a large pattern for a small room. Verlon has an excellent memory of things that happened when he was very young. He was able to get a lot of good yard work done today. He mowed the lawn, did a lot of plant, shrubbery,  tree trimming, etc.  The weather was perfect for yard work today and is expected to be equally nice tomorrow. Carolyn, Elaine and I enjoyed a Nebraska author's presentation at the Library this evening. Karen Gettert spoke on her One Book One Nebraska novel, "Behind the Meaning of Names". It included discussion about the tension and experiences of German immigrants in Nebraska during World War I as well as the influenza Pandemic of 1918. A large crown enjoyed the presentation and light lunch.

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