Monday, September 12, 2016

Elaine on the Keyboard

I spent considerable time cleaning up the Documents file on my HP, PC yesterday afternoon. The PC is 9 years old and does some thinking for itself at times. For some reason, it seems that Document files have multiplied over the years and in my efforts to "clean them up", I deleted some important information. Son Jon put a Toshiba backup portable drive on the PC some time ago, which I've downloaded to periodically, but was unable to pull out the information I lost. We have printed much of our information that needs to be updated at least annually so this afternoon, I scanned some of the printed files back into the computer files that were lost. I had difficulty doing this with one file and recruited Elaine to type one page. She had been to the Beauty Shop this morning for a cut and permanent, so this is an opportunity to show her new hair "do", and that her typing skills are still "in-tact". 

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